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Volcano Fire Flame Air Humidifier

Volcano Fire Flame Air Humidifier

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The Volcano Fire Flame Air Humidifier is ideal for controlling the humidity level in your home. Its advanced technology helps you achieve the desired humidity level by releasing a steady stream of cool mist into the air. This product is designed to improve air quality and comfort, making it perfect for those who suffer from allergies or asthma.


Intelligent Power Cut Protection

-When water shortage, the machine will automatic power off

2H / 8H Timming Setting Modes

Ultra-quiet Design

Work Quietly <36db
-Humidify all night without disturbing sleep


How to Use

1. Add the Water and Essential Oil
2. Close the Cover
3. Connect to the Power
4. ON Using the Remote Control or Press the Machine

Package Including:

Diffuser *1
Adapter * 1
Product Manual *1
Remote Control *1 (as you choose)

560ML Water Tank 2 Colors Volcanic Flame Humidifier

with silver ions, antibacterial humidification


1. Essential Oils Diffuser
2. 3H and 6H Setting Timing
3. Water Shorage Power Off Protection
4. Remote Control

450ML Volcanic Air Humidifier with Filter

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